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"You can Li.Ve your best life now, if you choose it."

How do we prevent burnout?

I am a big supporter of self-love. A big part of counselling with me will be developing your relationship with yourself, learning to trust yourself deeply and essentially equipping you with the tools to become your own healer.

As I can speak from experience, women think 60 000 thoughts a day – most of which are negative and create stress. Allow me to help you become the best, most resilient version of yourself that live mindfully.

Mental wellbeing check-in

If you believe in drinking multi-vitamins to prevent physical illness, you will grasp that mental check-ins are to keep you psychologically healthy.

You don't have to allow stress, signs of depression or feelings of anxiety and anger to determine your wellbeing.

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Relaxing Outdoor

Motherhood & parenting is not always easy

Recently, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our kids. I have seen that conscious efforts to face these impacts greatly benefit both children and parents.


I love to use picture drawings for kids under the age of six that cannot express their thoughts or feelings in words yet.

If you are worried or unsure about your child's mental state, a check-in with an uninvolved party has - time and time again - proven to effectively flesh out underlying problems. 

Grant yourself the peace of mind and your child a safe space to express their feelings.

When you face big life transitions

The biggest life season changes happen when we are least prepared for it. Divorce, a new job, a new family or moving to a new location/town affects us all in a different way.

Coping with the emotional scars of an illness or accident

I work with you to deal with what you have experienced, even if it was many years ago.


I am fully aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for trauma counselling. I will help you to acquire healthy ways to cope and to heal from past events.

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Keys To The New Place
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Coping with the loss of loved one

Grief is a deep, lonely and isolating experience. When someone we care about dies, or our relationship ends in divorce, we experience any of the other 40 forms of loss we often feel unprepared or ill-equipped to deal with our emotions.

Sadly, majority of us have not been taught how to deal with emotional pain after loss. Instead, we are told to “move on”, “keep busy”, “be strong” and eventually to “get over it”.

Grief does not have to be a life sentence of suffering. There are actionable tools that can help you to move beyond the pain and heal your heart after loss.

Types of grief:

  • Complicated grief

  • Grief after a long period of illness

  • Miscarriage or stillbirth

  • Loss of a child

  • Loss after a suicide

  • Loss of a spouse, life partner, friend, teacher, or pet

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Mother and Child
Dog Funeral
Big life transitions
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